Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks Target!

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Target.  I love going there but hate spending a ton of money that I didn't mean to (which happens ALL THE TIME!).  Today however is a different story.  I went in with an agenda...and my coupons...and came out a winner.  Check it out:

Mossimo Jeans on clearance for $4.98 (I bought 2 pairs, and gave one to my neighbor)
                        MINUS two $5.00 off target coupons on any jeans purchase
                        FREE JEANS!!
Finish Dishwasher tabs on sale for $2.49
                        MINUS $1.50 off target coupon
                        MINUS $1.00 off manufacturer coupon
                        FREE DISHWASHER SOAP!!
Finish Jet Dry (small bottle for $2.59)
                        MINUS $1.50 off target coupon
                        MINUS $.40 off manufacturer coupon
                        PAID $.69
Up and Up brand toothbrush for $1.29
                        MINUS $1.00 off target coupon for any oral care item
                        PAID $.29
Aquafresh Extreme Clean travel size toothpaste for $.97
                         MINUS $1.00 off manufacturer coupon
                         FREE toothpaste!!
Dentyne Ice 3 pack of gum on sale for $1.79
                         MINUS $.75 off target coupon
                         MINUS $1.00 off manufacturer coupon
                         PAID $.04
Lysol Wipes dual action on sale for $2.04 each (I bought 2)
                         MINUS $1.00/off 2 manufacturer coupon
                         PAID $1.54 each

All of this for a grand total of $4.10.  Don't mind if I pat myself on the back for this one!!! 

Here are my favorite coupon sites...

Check them out! You won't be disappointed!

FYI - I found all of these deals at the Target in Wyomissing.  Not all Targets will have the same sales.  Good luck!!

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  1. Lins, I love your coupon posts! They are so inspiring! Thanks for posting those links- when I get back home, I'll be jumping on this band wagon with you! MUAH!