Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cobb Salad Extravaganza!

I was hoping my in-laws were going to be able to make a trip down to see us this afternoon, but unfortunately they couldn't make it. I had planned to make a salad when they came and didn't let their absence deter my dreams of making the biggest and best salad EVER.  I got the idea after reading my friend Kristi's blog Ja Cie Kocham and seeing this... .  I pretty much duplicated what she did!

From left to right here are the ingredients:

1 - Cubed extra sharp white cheddar
2 - Avocado
3 - Eggs
4 - Grilled chicken marinated in bottled Italian dressing
5 - Bacon
6 - Cucumbers
7 - Red bell peppers
8 - Scallions
9 - Baby bella mushrooms
10 - Cubanella peppers
11 - Grape tomatoes

And the blank slate:

All of the boiling, grilling, and chopping paid off in a big way!  Here is the husbands finished product:

At this point, I was too hungry to even stop to take a picture of mine.  Just imagine the biggest salad you have ever seen completely covered in veggies, eggs, cheese, a bit of chicken and drenched in this:

Oh yes...It doesn't get better than that.  I think I am going to be full for days. 

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  1. Sounds amazing and fit for company ... not that there would be any leftovers IF they were late.