Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Smoothie Obsession

I drink a smoothie every day for breakfast.  I think it is a great way to start the day and get lots of fruit and veggies in first thing in the morning.  I switch it up all of the time so there is no "recipe".  Here is what my blender looked like this morning:

Yes that is spinach in there, but you can't taste it! I typically use dark berries to hide the greenness especially when the kids are drinking some with me.  Here are the layers:

1 - a 6oz yogurt (I usually use a blueberry or strawberry)
2 - Frozen blueberries (maybe 1/2 cup - give or take)
3 - Frozen strawberries (whole or sliced - about 3/4 cup - give or take)
4 - Liquid of your choice.  Just fill to right below the frozen fruit.  I usually use Simply Orange orange juice 
      but today it was milk
5 - If using milk, add a dash of vanilla paste
6 - 1 banana
7 - Fill to the top with baby spinach (about 1 cup or a little more)


See - no green.  Just berry deliciousness!! That is my smoothie pictured above but my son also had a kids cup full too.  He loves them and has one everyday with me.  These are also great for snacks and even before bed if you are hungry but don't want something heavy. 

If you don't mind the green color, I also recommend just using milk (or almond milk), frozen bananas, spinach and peanut or almond butter.  Yum! 

Get to blending!


  1. Hey Lindsay! I also drink a smoothie most mornings for breakfast. I was often leaving the house for work and not getting breakfast in because the morning is so crazy trying to get everyone out the door. And then I would stop on my way to work for something not-so-healthy. I got one of those individual blender things (kind of like the bullet) and it changed my life! I was just talking to a coworker of mine to start putting spinach in my smoothie--never thought to do it! Anyway, you've inspired me once again and now spinach is on my shopping list. Have you tried it with frozen spinach?

  2. Hey Col! No, I never tried frozen spinach only fresh. I honestly don't know how that would come out. I guess it would work :) I am glad you are going to try it! It sounds so wierd but you really can't taste it :) Hope you like it!

  3. My morning SlimFast is getting canned ... literally. THANKS Lindsay for posting this recipe. I'm armed and dangerous this very morning and looking forward to the blend!!

  4. Bought the spinach! I'll let you know how it goes! :-)

  5. yum! I do love the idea of a healthy, tasty smoothie for breakfast (in the warmer months) and that picture is just so appealing! Great post, girl!