Friday, November 12, 2010

Lazy Mom Chicken Corn and Noodle Soup

I have had a craving for Chicken Corn Soup like you wouldn't believe.  I've been trying to ignore it because I really didn't feel like boiling a whole chicken and picking it apart like I normally do.  Enter the lazy mom version! This was so easy and anything I can use my crockpot for makes me happy and makes the house smell warm and cozy all day. 

Lazy Mom Chicken Corn and Noodle Soup

What you'll need:
2 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts
8 cups chicken stock (I used two of the quart sized ready made stocks)
1 cup baby carrots
2 stalks celery, cut into sticks
1 medium onion, cut into large chunks
1 tsp dried parsley
Black Pepper
1 16oz bag of frozen sweet corn
4 hard boiled eggs
1 box of pasta shapes of your choice - my kids picked Gemelli today at the store

In a large crockpot place chicken, 1 quart of stock, carrots, celery, onion and dash of pepper. 

Cook on high for 3 hours or until chicken is tender and you can easily pull it apart.

Remove the chicken from the broth and place on a cutting board to cool.  While the chicken is cooling, strain the broth into a large bowl to remove the large chunks of vegetables.  My kids love carrots, so I cut them up and put them back into the soup.  The onions and celery I tossed down the drain.  If your family likes celery in their soup, by all means cut that up as well! :)

Put the strained broth back into the crockpot adding the other quart of stock to the mix.  At this point I added my carrots back in.  Cut or shred your chicken and put it back into the crockpot.  Add your corn, eggs, parsley, and a little more black pepper. Turn the crockpot back on low and let it go until you are ready to serve.

All done minus the noodles
In a seperate pot on the stove, boil water and cook pasta according to package directions.  Once the pasta is cooked you can add it to the soup, or keep it seperate and add it when you are serving.  My husband is working late tonight so I kept the noodles seperate so that they wouldn't get soggy by the time he gets to eat.

I told you it was the lazy version! Sometimes the best meals come from simple recipes :)


  1. I LOVE lazy! :) Glad you liked the cabbage salad. It's a favorite of mine too.

  2. I loved the little chopped hard-boiled eggs in there!