Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dinner's Goin' South!

Yesterday was one of those days when I just couldn't get out of my OWN way.  I even posted on facebook about a dilema - chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and watching tv or hitting the treadmill.  Ultimately, the cake won - duh! How could you resist this anyway...

I used Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake recipe and my secret PB Frosting.  If your nice, I might share it with you one day ;)  The only thing I change in the cake recipe is I add instant coffee granules, about 1 tsp to the boiling water.  I grew up with my mom and grandmother putting coffee in chocolate cake and so I always do it to mine too.

Considering the type of day I was having, I needed something quick, easy, and something everyone would eat without giving me a hard time.  Enter Jenna's Barbeque Pulled Chicken recipe from the blog "Eat Live Run".  I have made this multiple times, and it is always a hit.  I served mine with baked beans (Bush's Vegetarian from a can), coleslaw (bought at the local market) and corn muffins (they may or may not have been Jiffy).  I'll tell you what, it doesn't get easier than this and the whole family LOVED it.  

The next time your day is going south, take dinner there too!  You seriously must make this chicken.  It will become a staple in your house too.  I promise.

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